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I am a Friend

According to www.babynames.com, Ruth is a name of Hebrew origin that means friendship.  Not surprising, knowing the story of Ruth from the Old Testament.

So, in summary, this is Ruth’s life:

Ruth, a woman from Moab, marries an Israelite.  I bet they fell madly in love.  I’d like that for her.  Anyways, so her father-in-law dies, her brother-in-law dies, and then her husband dies.  So she’s left with a sister-in-law, Orpah (I’d love to have that name, lemme tell ya), and a mother-in-law, Naomi.  Anyways, Naomi decides it’s high time for her to go home.  Ruth goes with her.

Once they reach Naomi’s hometown, Ruth begins to work (in reality, she gleans after harvesters, but I’m gonna story-ify this story a bit and pretend it’s a bit more modern) as an office temp in the business run by Boaz (what a name there).  Boaz notices her.  He likes her.  He takes a shine to her.  Chills with her in the office lounge.  Invites her to dinner.

So Naomi suggests that Ruth go after him, since she obviously is enamored by him.  So she does.  And Boaz falls for her, too.  And they live happily ever after.  And have babies.

Minus some details, that’s more or less it.  Ruth is a dedicated friend to Naomi, to Boaz, to herself even.  To read her whole story, click here.


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