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Back on Track after Walk the Peace

So just a brief update to my world of 0 followers..  I know one day at the very least Kelley Harrington will read all of my posts, so that’s all that really matters anyways…  Consistent fan base goes far.

Anyways, down to more pressing matters, INDONESIA.

Yes, that massively large chain of islands (a chain of islands is called an archipelago, by the way).  I just recently returned from a project called Walk the Peace in West Java, where I spent eight days walking with a team of about 20 North American youth and 20 Indonesian youth from the city of Bandung to the beach town Pangandaran, where we ended our trip with a beach soccer tournament entitled “Kick the Hate.”

Walk the Peace, Kick the Hate, and a concert called Rock the Peace that was held this past April, are all initiatives started by Peace Generation to spread peace and understanding throughout Indonesia and (consequently) the world.

I want to write more about this amazing trip, and I will soon, but right now my computer is dying and all my photos are still on my SD card.  I had a very fun, but very busy few days after I landed last week, so I’m a bit behind schedule.  Apologies to all.  To read more about Walk the Peace, go ahead and click here.  This was written by my friend Rizka, the young’un of our trip (she’s just 13 years old!!)

One quick note about Indonesian words–all c’s are pronounced like ch’s.

Hope to have more for you soon!!


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