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idk…my bff Jill?

I’ve had different BFF’s over the years.  Friends that I would consider the best and the brightest, the most influential friends in my life.  I never put a limitation on how many BFF’s I can have, and maybe a 10 year old purist would be unhappy with me, but what I have learned over the years is that some people are important to you.  Sometimes they are active in your life for a month or a year, and then after that the relationship fizzles, but those people are still just as important to you, because that relationship shaped a part of who you are.

Some people know this (and girls, please don’t kill me later).  When I was in middle school and for most of high school, I had five super-fabulous BFF’s that I shared a journal with.  The Journal, as we affectionately called it, is actually about a dozen different Journals that are currently scattered between us across several states.  We’ve all grown into such different lives, but I will still tell you that these girls are five of the most important people in my life.

I have other BFF’s, both male and female, and I’ve met them under such different circumstances.  Some are American, Argentine, Canadian, Indonesian.  I met them in Peru, DC, New York, PA, Buenos Aires, West Java.  Each one is different, and so special to me.

Anyways, two things bring me to this post.  1) I was reading one of the Journals the other night, and at the time, we were all angry at each other.  Why?  We were afraid of losing our friendship.  One of us went so far as to wonder why even have friends if those friendships don’t seem to last.  I am glad to say that she was wrong.  We got past the fight and remain fairly close friends to this day.  2) My friend Laura and I were talking today.  She was rereading her journal from when she studied abroad in Argentina.  We lived in the same town and were extremely close by the end of the year.  Today we talked for hours, and although so much has happened to both of us since we were in Argentina, it felt like no time had passed and we were still BFF’s.

So I guess this is an appreciation of friends.  You make my life special, even if we haven’t spoken in a while.  Thank you for being there when I needed you most.

I’m not going to be cheesy now and quote Wicked, though it is pretty tempting.  Instead, let the pictures speak:


4 thoughts on “idk…my bff Jill?

  1. Have you ever considered adding a lot more videos for your blog posts to keep the readers far more entertained? I suggest I just learn via the whole guide of yours and it was quite good but given that I am a lot more of a visual learner,I discovered that to be a lot more useful. Just my my idea, Good luck

    • I’m gonna be honest and say that I’m not the hugest fan of unessential videos strewn throughout the blogosphere, but I have been known to throw one in on occasion. If I do use clips, they’re usually located at the bottom of the posts. But I only do it on occasion, to spice things up. thanks for the advice, and I’ll try to include a video in my next post!

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