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Not all suicides are about bullying.

There’s been a recent string of highly publicized suicides.  The deceased identified in their left behind notes that bullying and harassment based on their sexuality had gone too far, and they could no longer handle the pain of life.  This is a tragedy.  This has gone too far.

However, when I read “WJAC is coming to town today to try to speak with Jill Adams about the recent suicide which has been linked to bullying,” I flipped out.

If you’re not from my hometown area, then you probably don’t know about the death of Colin Glenny.  Colin, the fourteen-year-old younger brother of a close friend of mine, took his own life a week ago.  Everything that I’ve been told regarding the situation and his motives points far away from bullying.  Colin was well-liked, popular, kind–nobody saw this coming.

So when I saw that post on a facebook wall, I got angry.  The media was going to sweep in with a twisted slant, ask questions of the superintendent that would paint the school in a bad light, and generally disgrace the family of the deceased.  It does not seem fair.  It is not fair.  If they were really trying to understand Colin’s death, they would not sensationalize it and try and make it just another in a string of bullying related deaths.

It not only disrespects Colin, but it disrespects every other person who has taken his own life, or tried to take his own life, ever.  This isn’t some news story to make the public feel bad; this is a real life ended, a real family shattered.  My real friend dealing with a loss that I can only half imagine a shadow of what it must feel like.

So this is for you, Colin Glenny.  This is for the boy who didn’t want to be a failure or a disappointment and thought the only way out was to die.  It shouldn’t have happened, and it shouldn’t be treated the way it is now.


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