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Am I The Only One?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my LGS Writing From a Global Perspective class last year.  Part of our class assignments included posting in a blog every week.  Our professor invited us all to create wordpress accounts and write for the class.  As the semester progressed, I began to love blogging–even though I thought I would hate it.  It felt like most of the class was following the same kind of progression.  We all talked in class about how we would keep the blog up over the summer.  Which leads me to ask this:

Am I the only one from that class still blogging?  I miss reading their writings every week, and I miss the community we had.  Everyone commented on each others’ blogs, and I felt like what I was writing really mattered.  So where did they all go?  Am I the only one who decided to keep going?

Maybe I’m being melodramatic.  Maybe they’ve just all moved from wordpress to blogspot or something.  Maybe they’re posting as notes on facebook.  I hope they are still writing, because I wish I was still reading.  I read the Freshly Pressed almost every day, but it’s not quite the same as when we were all in Writing From a Global Perspective.  I miss that particular community, and I miss knowing that my writing was being appreciated just as much as I appreciated theirs (which was a lot).  I miss you, LGS 201.


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