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Casts In India

This is a guest blog by Laura Valencia, a close comrade and globetrotting friend of mine from Northville, Michigan.  Currently she is living in Rajasthan, India.

I never really understood the the true nature of casts in India, until I myself began to suffer from the effects of being in one. I had always heard about it but I never realized the oppression that can result from a cast alone. First, my mobility was drastically limited by my cast. My daily life, my work, and my social life were completely determined by it! Some friends would invite me for dinner, but I wouldn’t be able to go… because of my cast! I knew that they didn’t care about my cast, and they even told me that they would give me an extra hand, but in the end, my cast just got in the way too much.

Then there’s the fact that even though you have an identity, you’re a real person, people see your cast before they see you. They ask about your cast before they even ask your name. You hear about other people in similar casts, who have suffered similar pain to you. People, especially medical professionals, tell you what you can and cannot do because of your cast. Simple things, such as hygiene, become huge dramas – especially because you do not want to pollute others or the surroundings. This affects your mentality, as your cast becomes the single thing you identify with. Its hard to imagine life beyond your cast – what you could do, who you could see, oh the opportunities!

With great mental strength, one is able to move beyond his or her cast. Especially when other people help you. Even though a cast is limiting, your mind is free to roam wherever it can reach. And really, cast isn’t permanent. After all, this one is just for four weeks.

Explanation: I fractured my foot and am in a big blue plastic cast for four weeks. I fell down a stair. yep just one. 🙂 Have been making puns for days, decided to consolidate!

Photo by Alison Harbaugh of Freckle Photography


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