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I Had A Really Good Weekend

So for those of you who are just tuning in for the first time, I go to Nyack College in Rockland, but before I came here, I spent a year at Adelphi University on Long Island.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go back to AU and (yes) surprise a bunch of my friends by showing up at a conference without telling them.

I arranged to be at this conference (Ignite) with AU’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship two weeks ago with Jana, a friend of mine and president of the club.  I don’t know how she kept quiet about it with everyone else in the fellowship, but she did, and voilá! We pulled it off perfectly.  Several jaws dropped on Saturday morning when everyone saw me there.  Surprising them, and then spending the day at the conference, was brilliant.

But that wasn’t the only part of the weekend.  I got to AU at 3:40 on Friday afternoon, called my friend Elliot, and asked if he was busy.  Did he want to grab a coffee in the Underground Café? –he didn’t know I was coming.  I spent the rest of the afternoon with him, floating back and forth between other groups of people (I saw my friends Caitlin and Sam).  That night, Clifton and Asif invited me to Hillel club’s Shabbat dinner (apparently this happens every other week, so you all at AU should check it out sometime).  After the dinner, I watched The Kids Are All Right with Caitlin.  The movie was lame, but Caitlin was fabulous company.

Then Saturday after the conference, I headed to Dunkin’ Donuts with my friends Yavor and Jim, where we bemoaned the failings of society and the romantic pressures we face (whaddya mean, you’re single? get with the program!).  At least, I bemoaned the failings of society and romantic pressures.  And they were very encouraging guy friends, reminding me that not every male on this planet (or at least in the NY Greater Metropolitan area) is a jerk.  Ladies–they listened.  And they’re single.  Just saying.  😉

After our Dunkin’ run, they waited with me until the next part of my adventure began with Adva Hanan.  Adva arrived at Adelphi at about 8:30, and we promptly spent the next two hours chilling and having a blast.  Partway through this, we contacted Matt, who burst onto the scene at 9:30.  After a bit of reminiscing, Adva split to head back to Jersey, and Matt and I went on a bagel caper.

Our bagel caper ended in me hitting my head pretty hardcore on his car at 11:15, but we numbed the pain by reuniting with Caitlin to watch Miley Cyrus’ botched job of hosting Saturday Night Live.  At 1:00, we parted ways, and I went to sleep in Jana’s room

This morning found me, Jana, Katie, and our friend Pastor Joby visiting Point Community Church.  PCC carries with it the odd fascination of meeting in auditorium two of a Loew’s Theater.  After the service, I got a gift for being a first-time visitor.  Unlike the usually lame gifts that I get from churches (self-published literature, old Christmas CDs), PCC gave me a traveling coffee cup!  And a pen!  I love free pens!

After church, we head back to AU, where they are having an Accepted Students Visit Day (flashback two years:  18-year-old Maggie and her fam first come to LI), so a bunch of my commuter friends that I didn’t expect to see were there working.  Woot woot!  Major win victory, here.  PLUS, I got to see Dr. Thornburg, director of Levermore Global Scholars and professor of my favorite class in fall ’09.  Super major win victory.

So I had an amazing weekend seeing so many people and reconnecting with many dear friends of mine from my freshman year of college.  I haven’t felt so well-loved and appreciated in a long time, and this weekend was a huge blessing in my life.

So here’s my biggest question:  how come I never felt this way when I was a student at Adelphi?  Obviously I had good friends there; obviously faculty members cared about me.  How come I never felt so happy and alive at Adelphi before?  What’s different about it now?


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