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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Have you ever spent a restless night tossing and turning, then woken up feeling completely rested?  It shouldn’t happen that way, should it?  No, that’s backwards.  You don’t sleep well, your day is shot.  That’s generally how it goes.

But last night I had what felt like the world’s worst sleep.  It was awful:  I couldn’t get comfortable, I was too warm, too cold, too warm again.  Emily was getting strange phone calls or something that was making her talk at four in the morning.  All of this combined together, finally culminating in me waking up at 6:55 (alarm set for 8:00) to do some extra studying for the test I have in half an hour.  I expected to be groggy and listless and unprepared for what could possibly be a mildly difficult test, which upset me even more.  If you’ve never been around me when I haven’t gotten enough sleep, my family can attest to the fact that I am a complete bear.  I get sulky, testy, and emotional.  I grouse about everything.  I do everything sluggishly.  I’m just not a pleasant person to be around, which is especially bad because I have problems falling asleep.

I expected today to be terrible from the getgo, but by the time I was done brushing my teeth, I was fine.  I was awake.  I felt like I’d gotten seven hours of sleep (less than I’d like, but enough to be satisfied).  There was no possible way for me to feel this good after such a wretched night.

When Emily woke up at 8:20, we conversed a little and I asked her why she’d been talking all night.  She had no idea what I was talking about.  Unless she’d been sleep talking, she swore that she’d been silent, and she doubted she had talked in her sleep because nothing was bothering her when she went to bed.  Was she sure that she hadn’t received a random phone call or something?  She hadn’t.

So now I’m trying to make sense of my night and my waking demeanor.  Is it possible that I slept soundly the entire night and dreamed that I was having trouble sleeping and that Emily was on the phone?


3 thoughts on “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

  1. Ah. Perhaps you were a butterfly dreaming you were a man? There is some truth in your fiction, and some fiction in your truth. Reach for the alarm clock and travel through the door. I will meet you wakeside if you truly wish to know more about this shift of reality.

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