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Alright, maybe I’m a stickler here for good conversational skills, and maybe texting voids the need for those skills, but this has been bothering me for a while now, so please hear me out.

Stop texting me the word ‘Hey’

I know for a fact that there are other ways to begin a conversation, even a texting one.  Even ‘Hey, how are you?’ is better than ‘hey’.

Tried to hide the name of the sender. It says Hey

  Hey what?  ‘Hey’ is what horses eat, as my dad always says (one of the few puns he manages well).  You may as well text me the word ‘bananas.’  In fact, please do text me ‘bananas’ instead of ‘hey.’  I would enjoy that more, it would make me laugh, and I would possibly respond to it.

Is anybody else frustrated by this?  Am I the only soul out there who wants to engage in proper discourse or, barring that, refrain from discourse at all?

In other news, the semester is finally drawing to a close here at Nyack College.  Ten more days and I am outta here!

That’s all I have…  I hope you don’t feel let down.


One thought on “Hey!

  1. 1. I think he may have taken that phrase from Mom, but I’m not sure.
    2. I enjoy that “hey is for horses” and “bananas” are both in here. They’re about the only funny things Dad says (on purpose, anyway).

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