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Doctor Who, I’ll Wait For You!!!

So I was going to write another Easter post because Easter is important to me (favorite holiday?  Maybe.  Definitely).  BUT another pressing issue that I can rant about is going to take over.

Nyack College does not get BBC America, and I am missing the series premiere of Doctor Who.

Technically speaking, I’ve already missed it.  It makes my blood boil at the indignation of it all.  We need the Doctor on this campus so much.  It would make finals week (starting Wednesday) so much more bearable.  It might even reach a level of tolerability if the Doctor were present, but alas.  This is the most unfortunate thing to have happened in my Doctor Who Fan existence EXCEPT for when my 10th doctor sonic screwdriver went missing/was stolen/returned to the TARDIS due to disproportionally high levels of Huon particles.  So frustrating…

But at least I know that in one week, just one, I will be safely in Pennsylvania watching Matt Smith and Karen Gillan running around Utah in a stetson and an incredibly short skirt.  Hopefully by the third episode I will be able to wear a tee-shirt that was meant as a Christmas gift (still have yet to see it) that says “The Angels Have The Phone Box” on it.  At that moment, my life will be grand.

Amy Pond, 11th Doctor

And until then, I will wait patiently for the Doctor.  I’ll write my last paper, take my finals, and finish packing my life up to take home.  But know this — all the while I will be thinking about how much longer I have to wait for the Doctor.

Television is bad for you, kids.  It’s addictive and habit-forming, much like smoking without the risk of cancer, but (depending) sharing the potential for exceedingly bad breath.


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