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Welcome Back

Wow, has it been crazy the past couple of days.  I finished my last final on Saturday, moved out of Simpson Hall, hit the road with my parents and Kari and wound up in Newark, NJ for a couple of hours loading up on Portuguese food and paraphernalia.  Then on to home, slept until 9:15, went to church on Sunday, and watched the NEW EPISODES of DOCTOR WHO, which more than mildly blew my mind and more than sufficiently creeped me out.  I miss the Daleks because those things were CREEPY.  I have a feeling that Steven Moffat should bring Russell T. Davies back for an episode or two to lighten the mood.  That’d be cool.

Anyway, so it was a chill(y) and rainy day yesterday, kinda glum but whatevs.  I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith with my sister, an episode of In Plain Sight when she wouldn’t let me leave, and went to bed at 11.

At which point (about 11:35 to be precise), my other sister texted me: In case the house hasn’t heard yet, big news is happening.

So welcome home, Maggie, bin Laden is dead.


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