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Two of a Kind

My poor dog, Charcoal, has an injury on one of his front paws that has caused him severe pain for the past several days.  He’s been limping like a one-legged pirate on cobblestone since Wednesday.  Perhaps it would be more bearable to watch him suffer if he didn’t have such a pathetic look on his face most of the time, like the pain is just so intense that he’s given up on everything.  His foot hurts him so much that he can barely move.  It makes me want to cry.

Interestingly, at about the same time, my poor sister broke her foot.  Again.  Our house is rapidly filling up with lame and immobile people.

They do say that pets become like their owners.  I guess Charcoal and Kari were just communicating on the subconscious level.  Or perhaps the dog’s foot pain is sympathetic to hers.  Whatever the case, it’s a pity that they’re both hurt, but it’s still funny that it’s in similar ways.


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