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So far, so tired, but good.

Hello, friends!  May I begin by exclaiming that DISQUIET is the coolest thing I have ever done?  Yes?  Alright then, DISQUIET is the coolest thing I have ever done.

This is my first workshop/conference, and I might be hooked.  I love being surrounded by a community of writers (something I am sorely lacking most of the time), I love being in Lisbon, and I love my workshop group of lusoamerican writers.  This is by far one of the most fascinating things I have ever done, and I am so glad to be here!

But the schedule is extremely packed full of events, and I nearly hit the wall this weekend by going on two different tours in Cascais and Mafra.  Lovely places.  Loved the Paula Rego museum.  Would love some more sleep, as well.

Also of some interest, I was on TV!  Câmara Clara did an hour long feature about the program that aired last night on channel two, and you can watch it here.  I must warn you that it is mostly in Portuguese, so if you don’t fala, then you won’t get most of it.

So much love from my favorite country by the sea!  After the conference ends, I will post some pictures.


2 thoughts on “So far, so tired, but good.

  1. Antonio and I watched the program. It actually held his attention. I kept looking for you in the group shots – but when you showed up I couldn’t miss you. I bet Tia Catarina was happy to see that! It all looks and sounds so great. I’m glad you are there for it.
    Love you.

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