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When It’s Over

Sugar Ray songs aside, it’s difficult when things end.  At least for me, the day or so after the end of a program/trip/whatever usually leave me in a kind of haze like “did that really just happen?” That’s how I’ve been feeling the past couple of days about the ILP.  Did I really spend two weeks in the constant company of a bunch of writers in Lisbon?  Really?  It seems too good to believe.  Yet at the same time, I have a large number of photos and a crowd of new facebook friends to my name, as well as lovely story ideas and comments/critiques of two of my shorts that needed work.  I feel empowered as a fantasy writer as well.

All said, I give the ILP rave reviews.  Thumbs up, folks!

As a workshop group, “Writing the Luso Experience” plans to extend beyond this program and continue to work with each other during the coming year with a potential reunion event next summer.  There were times in our discussions that I felt mildly like I was joining a cult…

Since the end of the program on Friday night, I have spent a day at the beach (receiving the funniest sunburn) and a day in bed fighting a cold.  This is my explanation for the continued lack of pictures from the ILP, but I assure you that I will have some up soon.

Eight more days in Portugal.


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