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The picture post you’ve been waiting for – the ILP

Okay, so the pictures of the ILP.  I’m only gonna put up a handful here.  If you want to see more, check them out on facebook.

Fernando Pessoa, the three greatest poets of the Portuguese language. It's fitting that there are three full-length images.

Jacinto Lucas Pires shares a story with us.

The Franks (de Sousa and Gaspar) who spearhead the Luso-American literature front, and Rui Zink, an author better known as a TV personality

Luis Amorim de Sousa takes us on a tour of Cascais

Nicholas Oulman, director of 'Com Que Voz', a documentary about his father, Alain Oulman, composer for Amália Rodrigues

António Lobo Antunes, considered by many to be one of the most important writers alive in the world.

Patricia Portela, a performance artist and novelist. We ran into her twice accidentally after her presentation.

José Luis Peixoto with Fernanda Viveiros from my workshop

'Writing the Luso Experience' workshop group

In my next post, I’ll give a full list of the different presenters and include some links when I can to their works in English.  Let me leave you with this small excerpt from The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa:

We generally give to our ideas about the unknown the color of our notions about what we do know: If we call death a sleep it's because it has the appearance of sleep; if we call death a new life, it's because it seems different from life. We build our beliefs and hopes out of these small misunderstandings with reality and live off husks of bread we call cakes, the way poor children play at being happy.
But that's how all life is; at least that's how the particular way of life generally known as civilization is. Civilization consists in giving an innapropriate name to something and then dreaming what results from that. And in fact the false name and the true dream do create a new reality. The object really does become other, because we have made it so. We manufacture realities. We use the raw materials we always used but the form lent it by art effectively prevents it from remaining the same. A table made out of pinewood is a pinetree but it is also a table. We sit down at the table not at the pinetree.


3 thoughts on “The picture post you’ve been waiting for – the ILP

  1. Great quote, very thought provoking. Your trip has really piqued my curiosity about Pessoa. Such an interesting and unique (many times over) person. Also loving the chairs – could you please bring home one full set, all colors. That should fit in the extra bag you’re going to need… If they were as comfortable as they are bright they might be almost perfect. Hope you are feeling quite better now. Find somewhere we’ve never been and discover it. And don’t forget the hippos. ❤

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