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Smells Like Late Summer

For the past month I have been so on the move and wrapped up in fiction writing/reading, that I’ve let this blog go by the wayside for a bit.  I’m honestly scared to look at my stats page.

So, quickly, I’m going to go through my list of what I thought I might cover and see what actually ended up online.

Based on my May 18th checklist, here is how well I worked my summer:

On the Blog

1) Cleaning the House = NOT!  Though I didn’t actively let this go by the wayside, I did not succeed in chronicling it, nor did I succeed in posting about it.

2) Posts about Work = NOT!  I did work, I promise.  It paid for the ILP.  I just never wrote about the monotony of the OCDEL survey.  And honestly, thank God for that.  I’d lose more views posting about it than I’d gain.

3) Posts about the ILP = CHECK!  I think I documented my first out-of-school workshop and the surrounding events pretty well.

4) Ruth = NOT!  Though I can strike up a mean conversation on everyone’s favorite Biblical romantic lead, I haven’t written on the poor lady in far too long.

In the Writing:

1) Spoken Word = NOT!  Unfortunately for you all, I am still not in the poetical swing.  But fear not, because I am scheduled for Creative Writing with Dr. Gates, and I already know that this class will break me.

2) Fantasy Novels = CHECK!  My planned duology has expanded itself into a trilogy and of written content, it went from being about 35 total pages to now being about 85 total pages.  TGP is currently on the back burner right now.  I’ll need to do another read through and draft of that soon, though.  Maybe at the end of this coming semester I will have time.

3) A Non-Fantasy Project = CHECK!  While in Portugal, I started working on a project called The Tide, a YA coming-of-age story about a Portuguese American girl in Pennsylvania during the course of her sophomore year of high school.  It’s framed in vignettes instead of chapters, kind of like The House on Mango Street.

4) Short Stories = CHECK!  Thanks to the help of my wonderful luso-american workshop buddies, I got some amazing feedback on my stories “Bennett & Georgie” and “Loose Binding”.  I got through another draft of B&G of the two of them, but my real crowning glory this summer has been “Tante, Bailarin”.  I can’t even explain the extensive levels of revision and drafting that I took that story through this past month.  It’s grown and become so much better.

SO, in short, I accomplished half of the things I set out to write this summer.  Sorry for the pause in production.


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