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Getting Started

Hi, Folks!  It’s the beginning of the fall semester here at Nyack, and I’m more than excited to get the ball rolling.  So here’s a quick look at what I’ll be doing this fall and what you might be reading about!

1) Reading – Lots of it

Science Fiction with Dr. Pinkham!

I’m taking four English classes this semester, two of which are literature classes with extensive reading lists.  Thankfully, I realized over the summer that there is no way I can read all of the books I need to read for both of these classes well within the semester, so I’ve been reading through the lists all summer long.  I’ve finished about half of them.

Expect to see book reviews come out of these classes

2) Writing – Even more than reading

I actually have one of these at home

I’m taking Creative Writing and a writing-based independent study that will piggyback off of what I did at the ILP this summer, plus analytical writing for my lit classes and the sociology class I am taking.  On top of that, I am still working on the Five Kingdoms fantasy trilogy, various short stories, a novella, and I recently started a steampunk project (I don’t know what it is yet, but the concept is cool).  Plus, I’m going to maintain this blog as best as I can and be writing for the Forum.  In other words, lots of writing.

Expect to see posts about the structure of storytelling and non-realist genres

3) Math – A terror in itself

I don't get it. Thanks to XKCD

I am taking a required math class this semester and it may swallow me alive.  I don’t know how this will factor into the rest of my life, just that it will be a hindrance and it might wreck me getting a 4.0.  Because mathematics terrify me so much, I will be compartmentalizing the necessity of this class.

Expect to see nothing related to math beyond this sentence.

4) Human Nature – Who’da thunk?

Another XKCD!

I’m taking Intro to Sociology this semester, and I’m hoping that learning more about the way people interact with each other will help me with my writing (instead of the alternative, knowing so much fact it becomes hard to translate).

Expect to see rants about the failings of society.


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