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Momentum: Strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

In order to be a writer, you must write.  Not just every so often, or when you “feel like it” or when you’re “inspired”, no.  To be a writer, you must write habitually, continuously.  Write, read, observe.  It’s a truth to any art.

I’m trying to find ways to keep up my momentum will every area of my writing, and it is hard.  This is my busiest semester as far as classwork goes, plus I’m taking on a new role in The Forum as an editor, plus still writing.  I’m (hoping and praying) trying to get a job on campus so that I can start saving up financially.  This weekend, I agreed to take on a couple of small jobs in my church (doing the announcements on Sundays, maybe greeting people).  If I don’t have a book in my hands almost constantly, I run the risk of falling behind in my reading for my classes.  The writing assignments are gloriously fun, though time consuming.  If it weren’t for nights like these where I can’t get to sleep, I feel like I wouldn’t have enough hours to get everything done.  (I say this, but I’m actually pretty ahead in my reading, and my assigned writing is under control, as is my math homework).  I feel a little frantic right now.

But beyond all that, I feel this immense drive to keep goingKeep moving.  Don’t stop.  I’m building momentum for something, I just don’t know what yet.

The hardest part of this is designating time for my own writing projects.  Not that the projects for my classes are less mine.  It’s more that they’re not completely my own creation.  They’re prompted.  My own writing, including this blog, suffers the risk of going by the wayside in the confusion of classes and the pressure of performance.

If I call myself a writer, this cannot be.  In order to take myself seriously as a writer, I have to find the momentum to keep writing.  I have to pursue it with diligence and determination.  I have to make sure that I am writing daily.  I have to have momentum.

So I challenge myself, and I challenge you to find, create, or maintain the momentum that drives your passion in the face of all that could distract you.  Keep your eyes fixed on who you are, what you do, and the point where they intersect.  For me, it’s the written word.  For you, it might be quantum physics or the legal system.  Give yourself momentum.


One thought on “Momentum

  1. Nicely said and nice challenge.

    If we want to be what we imagine ourselves to be we have to do the work. (Or, if we want to be what we feel called to be, we have to listen and respond.) However you prefer to view it, “it don’t come easy”.

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