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Snow Problem!

This past Saturday, Nyack College (as well as the rest of the Northeast) got walloped by a late October snow storm.  By walloped, I mean somewhere between five and seven inches (I think).  Although in late February that may not be so strange, in late October it certainly is.

And the snow, though lovely with the visual aesthetic of powdered sugar on funnel cake, did massive damage to Rockland and Orange Counties.  For example, tonight is the first night since the snow storm that I have electricity in my room, wifi connection, heat, and hot water in the bathroom.  I had none of them yesterday.  On our campus, almost every building was affected at least somewhat by the aftermath of the storm.

The snow itself was not the problem.  The fact that the snow fell before the deciduous trees lost their leaves was.  Campus, as well as the rest of the county, is covered with broken branches from oaks, maples, pines and more.  The fallen boughs (some fifteen feet long and still covered in green leaves) tore through power lines and caused massive power outages in the area.

So what do Nyack students do when the power blows and the snow piles up?  Well, if you’re my friends, you have a Halloween costume party.

The Avengers, Ramona Flowers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Photography courtesy of Captain America

So every year this awesome group of people does a costume picnic in Sleepy Hollow for Halloween, and because of the snow, we were forced to stay on this side of the Tappan Zee.  This was my first Halloween with the group, and I can say that I hope it isn’t my last.

The Avengers came to save us from the power outages!

The guys (David, Phil, Andy, Ian) nearly succeeded in keeping their costumes secret from the girls.  Because I am sneaky and I wasn’t supposed to be able to make the party, I did know ahead of time that they would be the Avengers.  But foreknowledge did not foil the surprise of seeing Andy and Phil in their complete costumes.

Another Avengers shot. Note the innate glow of Iron Man's palm.

The Hipster and Ramona Flowers team up to face Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Our ladyfolk had some fantastic attire as well.  My personal favorites were Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a Hipster (who thinks that this blog is too mainstream, I’m sure), and a Gas Mask Something.  Also present were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Gypsy Girl, and Communism.

Iron Man defeats the Gas Mask

The Evolution of the Hipster - Gypsy Girl, Hipster, Ramona Flowers

Vote Johnny Iselin

The Red Queen

So here’s my costume!  I was Communism, a Communist, a Communist Spy (something like that).  The front half boasts a campaign button for Johnny Iselin, notable Republican candidate for President of the United States.  The back, however, reveals Iselin’s true colors and his Communist connections.  If you are seriously confused by this, think about how poor Raymond Shaw feels.  The Manchurian Candidate, folks.

Can Communism slay Captain America?

What is Hawkeye doing with that Communist? Should the other Avengers question his loyalties?

So despite the snow problem of Halloween and the lack of heat (and light and internet and hot water), things here at Nyack have been pretty swell.  Stay safe and warm in this uncanny weather, folks!

What did your Halloween blizzard look like?


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