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New Semester, Full Steam Ahead!

After a rather long and complicated winter break and a stressful, upsetting start to the semester, I have emerged from an internet-free weekend in Connecticut to say, “Welcome back to the triumphs and travails of Maggie Felisberto, Nyack student extraordinaire, English major beyond belief, science fiction fan and author of many fantastical works (also beyond belief).  Come one, come all, come commenters, bloggers, photo editors, literary people, illiterate people, streamers and gamers and youtube watchers.  Come haters of SOPA (and eaters of sopa), come activists, actors, adveturers, steampunks.  Come star-bellied sneetches and once-lers and meeses.  Come pop-culture gurus and LARPing battalions.  Come oddities, unities, monstrosities, babies.  Come crazies and zanies and insane infidels.  Come to the front, come to the side, come to the story (we’ve got nothing to hide).  Come tell a tale, spin a yarn, face the facts.  Come, with a grin or a frown to take back.  Come to the misery, come to the chase.  Come to where everyone finds a good place.  Come stars and come moon, come to the world soon.  Come one and come all (children half-price).”

Whew!  And that, dear readers, is why I don’t write children’s books.  I’ll leave the elaborate rhymes to Dr. Seuss and Shel Sylverstein from now on, I promise.

Happy belated new year, folks, by the way.  I spent the New Year in New Jersey with new friends and new foods (lots of new things).

And now for the new semester!

I find myself in Nyack, New York for the fourth consecutive semester (this is a record, people) despite my nearly inexhaustible urge to move to Canada for a year (or New Mexico, or South Africa, or South Wales).  One of my biggest struggles last semester was accepting the fact that I was doing a second year in a location.  I don’t think I’m very good at this.  I like to move around a lot, and I like packing and unpacking things.  I like travel.  Coming back for my junior year at Nyack was harder than transferring here in the first place.

This semester is going to be notably different from last semester.  Last semester, with my eighteen credits (including four English classes), work on the Forum, and budding relationship, I was busy.  I was immensely busy.  Now, with my sixteen credits (four of them in online courses) and lack of budding relationship, I will have time.  What will I do with this time?  I have no idea.  Hopefully I will finish my novella, The Tide.

Speaking of The Tide, I am sitting squarely on forty-five vingettes, roughly half of where I’d like it to be in the end.  Twenty-five of those were written over the course of last semester, so with my increase in time, I should be able to get some stuff written.  Then it’ll be on to revision (!!).

Soon, I’ll start posting on the books I read for this semester.  Everything on my reading list looks incredible, so I should be giving you all a bunch of good suggestions for your reading lists.

Looking forward to a new semester with new challenges and new mistakes!

Is there anything you would like me to write about?  A specific book to review?  Travel writing?  Fairy tale analysis?  Memoir-esque vignettes?  Fiction on my blog?  Let me know what you are interested in, and I will see what I can do.


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