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Breaking Out the Break-Up Music

Hi, folks!  First, I want to give a warm hello to the several bloggers who have made the leap to follow me.  Thank you for your traffic!  Hope you’re enjoying it :).

Okay, down to business.  Starting tomorrow, I am going to run through a quick countdown of what I consider to be five of the best albums to listen to in a post-break-up world.  Here are some of the criteria by which I am judging:

  • How much of this album is depressing, and how much is empowering?  (A good album should be ultimately empowering)
  • Are the relationship scenarios realistic, or complete phooey?
  • Are the individual songs musically mature?
  • Are the songs socially mature?
  • Is there a balance of songs between leaving someone and being left?
  • Does the album’s track list have a rough progression of thought and development?
  • Does the album touch on something other than breaking up?

So stop back tomorrow to see my number five pick for Five Best Break Up Albums!


5 thoughts on “Breaking Out the Break-Up Music

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