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Everyone Should be Jealous of Mumford & Sons

Because, unlike John Fogerty, I am a fortunate one, I was able to go to Portsmouth, VA, on August 9th to see Mumford & Sons in concert. And it was EPIC!!!  So, because I know that you are all jealous (except for the 11,000+ people who were checked into the concert on Facebook), here are some highlights:

Aaron Embry says, “You could start America all over again!”

This is Aaron Embry, otherwise known as the first opener (check out his website here).  He came with a guitar, a harmonica, and a hat.  My cohorts and I were impressed by his fish shirt, but by little else.  The music wasn’t bad, it was just a pinch boring (and Embry was just a pinch patronizing).  I wanted him to throw in a few songs in a faster tempo and different key signature (and maybe a different key).  But all in all, after waiting for the bands to begin, I was happy to get him on the stage.  I would probably listen to recordings of his stuff, and maybe with a whole band, he could develop into a great live act.  Marcus Mumford described him as “the kindest man,” so I’m sure that he’s great to know.

Dawes, aka the band that wrote a song about airplane phobias.  Ft. Marcus Mumford.

The second act, Dawes, was amazing (website here).  I mean, absolutely amazing.  I would go to a Dawes concert again, even without Marcus Mumford (though of course, Marcus Mumford makes everything better).  Their music was dynamic and enjoyable, and lyrically entertaining.  Mixed within the melee of themes that usually come from guy groups (love, relationships, getting dumped, falling in love), they pulled out a song off of their upcoming album about the experience of flying in the window seat…with a severe phobia of flight.  The front man was engaging, and the music was so good.  Plus, the addition of Marcus Mumford for one of their songs was fantastic.  Even though I was so ready for Mumford & Sons to perform, I was sad to see Dawes leave the stage.

“Plant your hope with good seeds. Don’t cover yourself with thistle and weeds…”

Mumford & Sons.  Mumford & Sons!  MUMFORD & SONS!!!!!!

Typing it out in all caps with exclamation points cannot even begin to convey how amazingly awesome this band is, recorded.  And that sheer, raw awesomeness is a drop in the ocean of their live performance divinity.  I can’t even explain, so here, check it out for yourself:


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