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Summer’s Over. Finally.

Classes start at Nyack College in the morning, and as such, I wanted to recap my summer of bloggerhood (I didn’t do much else besides work and blog, so this is roughly a recap of my summer).

Top Five Break-Up Albums This began my summer, and it was fun.  Five to One (One being the best) came out to be 19, Making Mirrors, Rubber Soul, Extraordinary Machine, and Rumours.  Runners-up that I never mentioned includedSigh No More and Science and Faith.

Fiona Apple’s Back! Because I am in love with Fiona Apple with Fiona Apple’s music.  And The Idler Wheel… is fantastic!

Mumford & Sons is AWESOME live.  Because this is true.

Fleetwood Mac Attack! began. And though it may be slow-going, it will continue!  Up next is Kiln House, Future Games, and Bare Trees, and I am excited to continue sharing the wonder of Fleetwood Mac.

I’m teaching everyone how to date! Because that makes so much sense (me who is waspish and you best beware my sting).  I’m exactly the person you should look to for dating advice.  Especially if you’re trying to date any kind of pretentious academic person.  Just follow my lead, and I will guide you toward love! (or, you know, good movies and stuff).  Don’t worry; this isn’t over yet.  I can counsel you through your dating dilemas with all manners of people (up next: How to Date a Marxist).

So that’s what’s been going on this past summer on my blog, and hopefully it will continue throughout the impending awesomeness of this semester.

I don’t like summer vacation very much.  Except for when I have the opportunity to travel, I never have.  I once was so bored in the middle of summer that I wrote “I HATE SUMMER” in my journal, each letter on a separate page, with all of the white space filled in with the same sentence in regular size, over and over again.  I was an overheated and tempestuous middle schooler with an axe to grind.  Summer vacation is boring.  Summer vacation is hot.  Summer vacation is sticky.  Summer vacation is drab.

School, however, is something that I am more likely to enjoy.  I like being engaged in my mind, and all too often over the summer, everyone else I know just wants to shut down.  I’m the opposite; academics excite me and wake me up.  So I am ready for school to start.  Plus, this is my senior year of college, aka my last chance to study anything and everything I want (within course availability) before the specificity of grad school.  I’m taking a Bible class and a sociology class, and I’m taking a poetry workshop that should be so much fun.  This is going to be a great semester.  Summer mostly felt like a prolonged pause in my real life.

That being said, this was by no means the worst summer in the universe.  I have a few pretty awesome friends, and they made it worth my while (friends came from NY to see my sister in a musical, I went to the beach with a friend and her family, some good other stuff).  Plus, I had a whole lot of fun here on my blog with you guys (my fantastic followers!).  Thank you for a great summer of blogging!  I’ll keep writing; you keep reading!


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