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It’s Election Day!

I woke up this morning, stayed in bed until 7:00 (the alarm had been for 6) because I was too warm and cozy to leave.  But then I remembered, “It’s Election Day!” and I jumped out of bed and into the shower.  Currently, it is 9:30 a.m. (ish), and I have already voted in the 2012 Presidential Election (I voted for Obama, and then party line Democrat).

First — Voting is soo important, so if you are registered but still debating about heading to the polls, YOU SHOULD GO DO IT.  A hundred and fifty years ago, African Americans couldn’t vote, women couldn’t vote and men who didn’t own property couldn’t vote.  Please, oh please, no matter who you are or for whom you vote, please go vote.

Second — I registered to vote in Nyack this year (Orangetown District 32), partially for convenience and partially for the fact that I am opposed to PA’s voter ID laws.  But when I got my registration info back in the mail, there was a typo on my name (Maggia L Felisberto voted today, folks).  I was highly concerned by this, but then the hurricane hit and I couldn’t call to get it fixed right away.  This precipitated in me having a nightmare this past Thursday night in which I went to the polls and was unable to vote because I hadn’t called about the typo.  Because I didn’t vote, Mitt Romney won the election.  And when Mittens won the election, the entire nation fell apart.  Women were dying, there was fire everywhere, and the Democratic party was hunting me down because it was my fault that the nation was collapsing.  I called the number on Friday, they corrected my name in the computer database, and I was able to vote without any problem (except for some mildly incompetent poll workers).

Third — They weren’t able to correct my name in the paper books where they make you sign in before you get your ballot, so in essence, Maggia voted today and not Maggie.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I know that I’m the same person, and I voted the same way regardless of the spelling of my name, but Maggia feels like an alternate identity who just so happens to vote the same way as I do.  And have my same height and eye color.  So it makes me a little sad that my name was spelled wrong, because I don’t know if I feel like I’ve actually voted, or if I voted for Maggia (only a fiction writer would have this problem, right?).

But the important thing here is that I could vote despite the typo, and I did.  And voting was so easy!  EVERYONE SHOULD GO VOTE TODAY.  I mean it.  Even you Mittens fans should go vote (even though I think you’re picking the wrong person) because it is important to make your voice heard!  Please, oh please, oh please, GO VOTE!!

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