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Coming Up Soon! (I Promise, Maybe, Hopefully)

I owe you all photos and videos from Argentina, as they were promised to you a bit ago.  I did not manage to post a second time from Argentina.  I was too busy.  Love you; love being in the sunshine even more.

So that’s coming.

I owe you an installation of Fleetwood Mac Attack!  As of right now, it’s looking like I might be able to make it to the concert in Boston, but even that is dodgy at best right now.  My goal is to space out all of the Mac Attack! posts so that I can close out the series with the start of their reunion tour.  That’s the plan.

I owe you some life updates, as soon as I have some.  I’m submitting my third MFA application either tonight or tomorrow (or, realistically, Thursday), and in a couple of months, I will start hearing back from the programs!

I owe you a healthy dose of feminism and musings.  For example, why is the only feminist philosophy course at Nyack taught by a man? And why are there no male students?

Writings in the Baby Blog will start up again soon for this semester, so catch me over there too!  The theme this time is Women in Christian Tradition, so twill be a tad different, but FUN!

Allow me to compensate for my blog failures with this link.  My sister is now a guest blogger!

Also as compensation, here’s this!:


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