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Ending the Hiatus

Hello, friends and followers.  What I have regretfully experienced and you have likely not noticed is an unintentional hiatus.  As in, over two months have passed since my last post went up.  Instead of blithering about doing better in the future, here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been up to since my last post that has kept me so busy!

1) College.  Guess what?  I’m now an official college graduate!  Yay!  I have a lovely Bachelor of Arts degree in English!  Woohoo!  Thank you! *takes appropriate bow*

2) Papers.  In my last semester of college, I wrote twenty-nine essays and papers for my 15 credits of undergrad classes.

3) Grad School Apps.  I finished applications for four different MFA in Creative Writing programs and ultimately got accepted into two of them (yes, that means I got in off of a wait list).  I was accepted with enthusiasm at University of Tampa and with hesitation (aka off of the wait list) at Sarah Lawrence College (I hear this is a big deal).

4) Grad School Prep.  I have decided to skip the snoots at Sarah Lawrence (for now) and go to the University of Tampa Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing program, currently (though soon to be not) directed by my friend from Lisbon, Jeff Parker.  And I start in June!  In one month!  Hooray!  (I guess I don’t like to waste time).  So I already had homework due for grad school while I was still finishing finals for my last semester of undergrad.  Which was crazy.

I have been busy.

I offer this not as an excuse for dropping off the blogosphere for over two months unannounced, but as a glimpse of what I hope to accomplish in the future.  I will definitely finish up the Fleetwood Mac Attack, especially since I now have time to listen to music again (I can’t have it playing while I write papers.  It’s too distracting).  I will post some book reviews (aka the essays I wrote over the semester) and take care of the Baby Blog on women’s history (again, with the essays I wrote over the semester).

Basically, after one of the most challenging semesters in my life, I’m finally ready to get back into gear.


2 thoughts on “Ending the Hiatus

  1. I noticed, too. Welcome back. The hiatus, though tough on us, seems to have been worthwhile, given all you accomplished. Congratulations on summa and another 4.0.

    Now, bring on the attack!

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