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MFA? MF, Hey.

(Warning: This is Parenthetical-Remark Heavy) (It’s almost as if I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post) (yeah)

Hello, hello, hello, interwebs!  I write to you from the lovely Tampa, Florida (which I mentally pronounce FLAH-ri-duh like a Bostonian.  Thanks, Grandma), where I am about to begin my first residency with the University of Tampa Low-Res MFA in Creative Writing!  Woot!

It has been a long day of travel.  I woke up at 3 a.m., ran into my sister who was going to bed, and showered in the dark (which I do, on occasions when I am still tired, in honor of Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements).  My wonderful father and I left at 4 a.m. on a long, roller coaster-esque drive to Dulles in Washington, D.C., stopping at five for Sheetz schmuffins.  My flight left at 8:08 and landed at 10.  I took a shuttle to my hotel, puttered around for a little bit, and fell asleep at about one until about four.  At 5:3o, I was wandering the blocks around my hotel deciding where I could eat (having gone over 12 hours without food), when I met another MFA student who was also wandering around.

Instead of me eating then, we both went back to the hotel, where she posted an open invitation to others in the program to come out to eat, meet in the lobby at 6:30.  So, come 6:30, six of us went for Thai food.  Because Thai food is delicious.

Now — what you really care about:  Over the next ten days, I will be in workshops and seminars all day long.  Literally.  We start at 9 a.m. and end at 8:30 p.m., according to the schedule.  I’m looking forward most to the following seminars (in no particular order):

Piecing a Story out of Sketches and Ideas… with Josip Novakovich

How to Design and Teach a Class in Poetry or Fiction with Heather Sellers

Screen Grab: Using Movie Conventions to Create Unconventional Narratives with John Capouya

Anthology with Denis Johnson

A Workshop with an Agent with Chris Parris-Lamb

Collaborative Place-Based Storytelling and Fiction-Enhanced Reality with Jeff Parker

At least one of these overlaps with something else that I may be required to do instead, but I’m hoping to attend all of these seminars, and then some.  I’m also really looking forward to my workshop group with none other than Jeff Parker (from DISQUIET, for you long-term followers of my blog) and five other talented prose writers (I know they’re talented because I did my homework and read their stuff).


2 thoughts on “MFA? MF, Hey.

  1. How about Dr. Donald Morrill? Did you ever have him as a mentor?
    Did you finish the program this June residency?

    • Hi, Martha! I finished the program in June of 2015 and am waiting for funding to be finalized so I can start a PhD this fall. Over my two years at UTMFA, I never had Don as a mentor, but I did get to know him and he’s a great person. Are you currently in the MFA/considering it? I highly recommend this program.

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