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The Original Nick and Steph

Congratulations, Universe, and you’re welcome!  My friends Stephanie Nicole O’Connell and Nicholas Cialini are now engaged! Nick’nSteph are two of my besties from Nyack (and in general), so in honor of their pending nuptials, I’m going to tell a story about people completely unrelated to them.  Except in name.

I borrowed this picture from Facebook.

Like I just mentioned, Nick and Steph are two of my favorite people.  Another one is Brittany Wetherill.  Throw in my beautiful boyfriend Arturo, and you’ve got the best combo ever.  Like, better than when Scott Pilgrim and Knives fight Gideon together.  Best people on the planet, my friends are.  The whole planet (they’re followed closely by Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama).

So of course, when I went to my first residency at the University of Tampa, two of the people I met were named…. Nick and Brittany.  Brittany Nicole Connelly.  (I’ve branded them “New Nick” and “New Brittany” in my mind).  (Not that Original Nick and Original Brittany are Old.  Just Original).  (They’re so original, they’re the platonic ideal of Nicks and Brittanys everywhere, I promise).

So, in honor of Original Nick and Steph’s engagement, I decided to share that bit of Universe comedy with you.  It seems no matter where I go, good friends (both original and new, and reminders of them) crop up.


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