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On My Musically Inclined Relative

My cousin Shatzie is a musician.  He’s much older than I am, so he’s been a musician for pretty much my entire life.  When I was in seventh grade, I wanted to career shadow him for a school project.  I even did a presentation on the mechanics of the electric guitar in science class as part of the project before shadowing Shatzie fell through (I ended up shadowing our uncle Ed the pharmacist and had a lot of fun).  He’s been a part of several awesome groups over the years.  Hooray, cousin Shatzie!

But my cousin Shatzie isn’t your average musically inclined relative who can crack out a guitar and strum through “Smoke on the Water” or “Come Thou Fount.”  My cousin Shatzie, aka Alex Minoff, is really really good at what he does with music.  Don’t believe me?  Check him out for yourself.  Here’s a link to his website, and here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about him.  Don’t believe me yet?  Here’s this video of him that I found on Youtube, amongst over 600 search results on his name:

That awesome song you just heard (assuming you watched the video) gets stuck in my head.  So do the other tracks on his solo album, particularly “Hard Labor,” “Two Things” and “Bitola” (three favorite songs on the album, in that order).  And when that happens, I can’t just chillax like I do when I get other music stuck in my head, because in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think about how this is my cousin singing.  And dudes, his solo album is so up my alley in terms of the kind of music that I like, that the songs gets stuck in my head quite often.  It’s like if Fiona Apple were a happy male guitarist instead of a depressed female pianist (which doesn’t sound natural, but it makes sense to me!).  I know that if I weren’t related to my cousin Shatzie then I would probably be a huge fan of Alex Minoff, and for some reason, this makes me feel kind of odd…

Especially when it’s three in the morning and I can’t fall asleep because “Might As Well” has been stuck in my head for like an hour.

Hey, guys!  My cousin Shatzie recently uprooted his long-standing life in the U.S. to move to Brazil.  You could totally make his life transitions more awesome (and make my aunt Lyn happy) by purchasing his solo album, Alex Minoff, online here!  If you enjoy my blog, you might enjoy his music; we do share some genes, after all.

Also, I have been in Kansas City visiting a very dear friend and her infant of eight months!  Expect gorgeous photos soon!


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