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My Women’s History Project

You know what’s cool about history?  Everyone makes it.  History is ever-growing, ever-expanding, and absolutely essential to know if you want to do just about anything (even math).  But you know what’s not so cool about history?  It’s been restricted to only mean certain types of history, i.e. political history.  So much of the history that we learn in public schools is relegated to “who-shot-who” and “who-conquered-who,” and that’s not all there is to it.  History is so much more.  History is everything; everyone makes it.  Including the woman who stepped out of her front door and was kidnapped by Narrangansett Indians (Mary Rowlandson, in 1676) as well as her captors (Weetamoo!).

This semester (fall 2012), I am taking a class called Women in American History, and I am giving you the opportunity to come along with me as I learn more about the hidden histories of women.  I’ve started a separate blog from my main one here, called Maggie Sees Women — An Experiment In History.  It’ll be pretty fun, and I’m excited to share the journey.  So come check it out!  Let’s make the invisible stories of women something that we can all see and be proud of!

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